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BMW x HAUP l Electrify Your Drive

Take control of your car buying journey. No more rushed test drives or limited choices. Test Drive & Buy offers you the freedom and flexibility to truly get to know a car before committing. It's your time behind the wheel, your decision to make.

BMW Model

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  • Receipt collection: Customers will receive their receipt on the day they schedule for the test drive.

  •  Vehicle test drive appointment: Customers must schedule their test drive for at least 24 hours in advance.

  •  Vehicle reservation: Each customer is allowed to make only one reservation per campaign. Additional reservations for other models are not permitted.

  •  Add-on services: If customers purchase additional services, such as a chauffeur service, these services cannot be used as a discount when purchasing a vehicle in this campaign.

  •  Consent for information disclosure: On the day of test drive, customers will be required to sign a consent form for information disclosure to BMW Thailand, in accordance with company policies and regulations.

  •  Using the receipt as a discount: Customers can use the receipt as a discount with BMW Dealers for the purchase of BMW Series i vehicles only.

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