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The start of a new chapter at Techsauce 2018

Hand in hand with the Techsauce Global Summit 2018 HAUP launches a new partnership program - HAUP Partners - to build a stronger carsharing community in Thailand.

World leading tech experts were guests in Bangkok

June 22 and 23 have been two fruitful days for innovation and tech enthusiasts. On those two days the capital hosted the 3rd edition of the annual international Techsauce conference at Bangkok Centara Grand Hotel. That's why the world's experts in the field of technology flocked into the city of Bangkok to participate in Southeast Asia's hottest and Thailand’s biggest tech conference. 10,000 startups, Venture capitalists, angel investors, large corporations and policy makers across Asia experienced two intensive days of conferences and networking between. Goal of this year’s conference was to connect the regions tech ecosystem with a range of global tech players.

On ten stages 200 world-class speakers shared their knowledge and experience as well as their recipes to success. This year’s speakers included absolute experts and recognized leaders such as David Brown the co-founder of Techstars, the world’s leading accelerator house, chief innovation officer and chief technical officer of DBS Bank Neal Cross, Mike Peng, co-managing director and co-founder of the global design company IDEO Tokyo and Joseph Lubin, co-founder of the blockchain computing platform Ethereum. The highlight of the Techsauce speaker sessions was the keynote of David Galipeau chief impact officer of UNDP on “How Emerging Technology Will impact Humanity and as a Human, What is Your Role”. A keynote that also gained a lot of attention were the keynote by former Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas who shared the story of the emerging digital nation Estonia that has been an incubator of an advanced digital identity system for rest of the world.

Oscar Ramos (Program Director of Chinaccelerator, Shanghai) giving insights into the red ocean e-commerce market in China and how to survive the Chinese internet giants

The keynote sessions took place on two different types of stages. The first group of stages covered topics on social technologies for enterprises ranging from Agriculture and Food Tech, BioTech, CleanTech HealthTech, LivingTech to FinTech. The aim of the this stage sessions were to encourage businesses, startup and technology enthusiasts to join a task force of social change. Or as Techsauce co-founder and CEO Ms. Oranuch Lerdsuwankij (Mimee) described it, “bringing the extensive use of technology into people’s lives is very essential, which will bridge the gap in the society and help develop the country to the next level”.

One of the hot speakers of the first day, Oriol Pujoldevall (Head of Business Development, Energy Web Foundation) sharing his knowledge about blockchain innovation in the energy industry.

The second group addressed new state-of-the-art technology and was especially for those who are interested in where the technological future is headed. Covering topics such as startup, venture capital, deep tech showcase and head-to-the-future, blockchain and cryptocurrency, augmented reality and virtual reality as well as data science and artificial intelligence, those keynote sessions were an opportunity for the stakeholders in startup industry, entrepreneurs and other tech enthusiasts to update on technology trends and to get a broader view of what happens in the innovative world.

Panel discussion including the speakers Grace Yun Xia (Jungle Ventures), Ariya Banomyong (LINE Thailand), Arakin Rakchittapoke (AIS) and Ajey Gore (GoJek) talking about the growing trend of platformation. Whereby LINE is a good example of. LINE has transformed from just being an app to a platform creating a ecosystem of various connected services such as LINE TV, LINE Giftshop, LINE Games, LINE Pay, LINE Man and many more.

Besides talks and seminars, a number of other key activities took place, such as business matching, the final round of startup investor pitch deck from more than 20 countries across Asia and Oceania and the exhibition of hundreds of top startups in the region. The second year in a row HAUP was also be on display at Techsauce to exhibit the newest technological development in the smart mobility sector - but this time with two stands.

Ready, Set, Go - HAUP starts a new chapter

Associated with the Techsauce fair, HAUP started a new exciting chapter and rolled out a new partnership program - HAUP Partners. To build a stronger carsharing community, we must do it together - together with our partners.

With our expertise in carsharing technology, any cars with HAUPTECH can be reserved and unlocked in just minutes. Our technology can install and manage your carsharing fleet up to thousands of cars within your fingertips. At HAUP, we have served a wide range of business sectors from urban residential developers, carsharing operators to co-working spaces community, and we are actively looking for new innovate partners.

By expanding our already strong network of partners together we will cover a network of around 300 shared cars around Bangkok, Chiang Mai by the end of the year to drive Thailand into a better future, where people can move efficient, smart and sustainable.

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