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HAUPCAR The car sharing Network for the Future

The mobile mindset of the generation has changed. Where once the goal was to purchase your own car, spend time maintaining it and drive it daily; there has been a switch. Members of this millennial generation want everything, but only when they really need it. There is not the same expectation to own a car, house or even bike. Why should anyone if they only need it 3 times a week or even 1 hour every week?

We can now find every mode of daily transportation scattered throughout our urban areas. Not only can we use a scooter, we can also hail a taxi, and now we can even rent our own cars. A process that once took much prior planning and a trip to a central renting facility can now be done on a sidewalk in minutes.

Cars are ready and can be booked and unlocked through the app. Haupcar is leading this innovative wave in Thailand with its innovations in both software and hardware. The company has made car sharing so efficient and so accessible that there is no need for face to face interactions before renting the car. Their cars can be unlocked using the app in conjunction with technology installed in the car, called the HaupBox. The Haupbox is installed in the car and allows the car to be opened by the renters smartphone. This has allowed them to fulfill rentals in seconds in order to get people rolling to their destination.

Digital Nomads as well as traveling business people will find HaupCar useful as they need to move around the country at their own pace. The cars allow for the freedom of working and exploring at whatever pace desired. Once the driver is in the car the gas and insurance are already included allowing the driver to focus on their destination and the people that they are with.

These car will not only free people from their reliance on drivers, or time consuming rental processes, but will free the population from the thousands of cars that sit idle at any given time. It has been shown that one car in a car sharing network such as Haupcar can reduce the need for 5 additional cars. Bangkok needs the reduction in traffic as well as emissions; and car sharing offers a plausible solution to both.


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